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Book Clubs

St. Catharines Public Library In-House Book Clubs

The St. Catharines Public Library has six adult book clubs. The Central Library has four (4) book clubs and members meet once a month in the Kiwanis Trust Room of the Central Library to discuss the selected monthly title. The Dr. Huq Family Branch has one (1) book club and members meet once a month at the Dr. Huq Family Branch. The Merritt Branch has one (1) book club and the members meet once a month at the Merritt Branch.
For more information, call 905-688-6103, ext. 227.

Adult Online Nonfiction Book Club

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Modern Romance cover art Modern Romance
By: Aziz Ansari & Eric Klinenberg
Romance and relationships are universal, but the journey to find love has transformed dramatically over time, with technology playing a big role in helping people find that perfect partner. Aziz Ansari, star of Master of None and Parks and Recreation, has explored modern romance through comedy for years, but teamed up with NYU sociologist Eric Klinenberg for a comprehensive worldwide research study on the topic. The resulting book, Modern Romance, is a combination of irreverent humour and pioneering social science that provides an intriguing exploration of the new romantic landscape.
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A History of Canada in Ten Maps Cover ArtA History of Canada in Ten Maps
By: Adam Shoalts
Maps show us more than the world as we know it. They also tell the story of how the world was seen throughout history. Explorer Adam Shoalts takes us on a journey through Canada’s past to discover the stories behind Canadian maps. From the wandering Vikings to the Franklin Expedition, Shoalts charts a path through Canadian History to show how these maps had a part in shaping our country.
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Modern Romance cover art Because I Was a Girl: True Stories for Girls of All Ages
By: Melissa de la Cruz
This book shares the personal accounts of a diverse group of women and girls of all ages and from all walks of life. Their stories tell about overcoming the challenges and obstacles encountered because of their gender, oftentimes breaking new ground in fields where women were not welcome. With this book, editor and contributor Melissa de la Cruz presents an inspiring collection of true stories from CEOs, entrepreneurs, bestselling authors, bankers, and scientists as well as girls and young women who are already leaders, paving the way for future generations.
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Modern Romance cover art The lost city of the monkey god
By: Donald Preston
This real-life archaeological adventure story explores a 500 year old legend of a lost city in the Honduran interior. Indigenous tribes claim the sacred city is protected and that any invaders will be cursed. In 1940, a journalist named Theodore Morde found the lost city and recovered hundreds of artifacts but committed suicide without revealing its location. In 2012, Preston set out on an expedition with a team of scientists to find the Lost City of the Monkey God. Preston and his team encounter treacherous conditions, deadly animals, and beautiful wilderness in their quest. This suspenseful and dramatic adventure is a true account of an amazing discovery.
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One Day We’ll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter cover artOne Day We’ll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter
By: Scaachi Koul
In this collection of confessional essays about growing up in a Western culture as the millennial daughter of Indian immigrants, Scaachi deploys her razor-sharp humour to share her fears, outrages, and mortifying experiences as an outsider living in Canada. She’s forced to confront questions about gender dynamics, racial tensions and ethnic stereotypes – all as she tries to find her feet in the world. This book is funny, sharp, poignant, and very entertaining.
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Everybody Lies cover artEverybody Lies
By: Seth Stephens-Davidowitz
As the author states in the title of this bestseller, people lie. We lie to our friends, our partners, our doctors, and even to ourselves. But in today’s information age, online data reveals the truth about what people really think, what they really want, and what they really do. This book explores the fascinating, shocking, disturbing, and hilarious insights big data provides about human nature and how this information can help us better understand our lives and ourselves.
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Hillbilly Elegy cover artHillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis
By: J.D. Vance
A powerful memoir about growing up in a poor town that offers a broader look at the struggles of America’s white working class. Vance, a graduate of Yale Law School, appears to embody the American dream. But, his family seems unable to overcome the legacy of abuse, alcoholism, and poverty that Vance argues is characteristic of the Appalachia region. A timely book that simultaneously sympathizes with and critiques the culture of America’s white working class – a segment of society that feels invisible to the rest of the United States.
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Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness Cover ArtThis is Where You Belong: The Art and Science of Loving the Place You Live
By: Melody WarnickCheck Out In Our CatalogueAfter moving six times, Melody Warnick was tired of wondering if she'd finally found the right town for her family. Instead she decided to ask the question, how does the place we live become the place we want to stay? Diving into the research of place attachment, this book is about how to make your community your home, wherever it is.


When Breath Becomes Air Cover ArtWhen Breath Becomes Air
By: Paul KalanithiCheck Out In Our CatalogueAt only thirty-six years of age, neurosurgical resident Paul Kalanathi was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer, and found himself suddenly transformed from doctor to patient. As a husband and expectant father, Kalanathi discovered he had to stop planning for the future and focus on being fully present in the short time he had left. Completed posthumously, this poignant memoir confronts such difficult questions such as: what makes a life worth living in the face of death? What happens when your visions for the future evaporate? What does it mean to bring new life into the world as your own is fading away? When Breath Becomes Air is thought-provoking, heartbreaking, and life-affirming reflection on the challenge of facing our own mortality.


Where Am I Now? Cover ArtWhere Am I Now?
By: Mara WilsonCheck Out In Our CatalogueMara Wilson has always felt a little young and a little out of place: as the only child on a film set full of adults, the first daughter in a house full of boys, the sole clinically depressed member of the cheerleading squad, a valley girl in New York and a neurotic in California, and one of the few former child actors who has never been in jail or rehab. This book tells the story of one young woman’s journey from accidental fame to relative (but happy) obscurity. But they also illuminate a universal struggle: learning to accept yourself, and figuring out who you are and where you belong.


Precious Cargo cover artPrecious Cargo: My Year Driving the Kids on School Bus 3077
By: Craig DavidsonCheck Out In Our CatalogueCraig Davidson, author of Cataract City, chronicles a year in his life when he operated a school bus for a group of handicapped children in suburban Calgary. He shows us how his evolving relationship with the kids on that bus, slowly but surely, changed his life. Davidson’s interactions with the students are funny and heartwarming. There are also frustrating and upsetting moments when Davidson bears witness to their isolation, mistreatment, and bullying. This is a moving and important story about how we see and treat people with special needs in our society.


The Unmade Bed cover artThe Unmade Bed
By: Stephen MarcheCheck Out In Our CatalogueStephen Marche is a new father and tenure track professor living in Brooklyn, when his wife is offered her dream job--the only catch? It’s in Toronto. The decision to abandon his career in pursuit of hers sheds a new light on gender roles in their own marriage and, ultimately, the world around them. Both a memoir and a cultural critique, The Unmade Bed examines the modern-day contradictions that prevent women from obtaining power and confuse ideas of masculinity.


A Number of Things cover artA Number of Things
By: Jane UrquhartCheck Out In Our CatalogueIn this lyrical collection, Jane Urquhart celebrates Canada's 150th birthday with a series of essays on 50 Canadian objects that speak to our collective experience of nationhood. The intriguing artifacts include a Massey-Harris tractor, an Innu tea doll, a Sikh RCMP turban, and a Nobel Peace Prize medal. This book offers readers a fascinating walk through Canadian history, through the voice of one of Canada's most talented authors.


Juliet’s Answer cover artJuliet’s Answer: One man’s search for love and the elusive cure for heartbreak
By: Glenn DixonCheck Out In Our CatalogueIn this heartwarming memoir, the author travels to Verona and volunteers to answer letters addressed to Shakespeare’s Juliet, all in an attempt to heal his own heartbreak and unravel the truth behind the star-crossed lovers. Upon returning home to Canada as an English teacher, Glenn undertakes a lively reading of Romeo and Juliet with his students and they, in turn, instruct the teacher on the true meaning of love, loss, and moving on.


Look at You Now: My Journey from Shame to Strength cover artI Hear She’s a Real Bitch
By: Jen AggCheck Out In Our CatalogueToronto restaurateur Jen Agg, the woman behind the popular The Black Hoof, Cocktail Bar, Rhum Corner, and Agrikol restaurants has published a sharp and candid memoir. The author, who is known for her frank, crystal-sharp and often hilarious observations and ideas on the restaurant industry and the world around her, has written I hear she's a real bitch in the same way, with writing that is caustic yet intimate and wryly observant.


Open Heart, Open Mind cover artAmerican Heiress
By: Jeffrey Toobin Check Out In Our CatalogueOn February 4, 1974, Patty Hearst, college sophomore and heiress to the Hearst family fortune, was kidnapped by a radical domestic terrorist group known as the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA). By April of that same year, surveillance video showed Hearst wielding a semi-automatic rifle alongside the SLA, participating in a bank robbery. In this fast-paced true crime saga, bestselling author Jeffrey Toobin examines the kidnapping, crimes, and trial of a woman who suffered unimaginable trauma and then made the shocking decision to join her captors' crusade. Or did she?


Born a Crime cover artBorn a Crime : Stories From a South African Childhood
By: Trevor NoahCheck Out In Our CatalogueTrevor Noah, stand-up comedian and host of The Daily Show, started his life as a crime – born to a white Swiss father and a black Xhosa mother at a time when such a union was punishable by 5 years in prison in apartheid South Africa. His memoir is a collection of 18 powerful, honest, witty, and inspiring personal essays that cover his mischievous childhood, his mother’s unconventional and unconditional love, and his challenges in navigating a damaged world in a dangerous time.


The Right to Be Cold cover artThe Right to be Cold : One Woman's Story of Protecting Her Culture, the Arctic, and the Whole Planet
By: Sheila Watt-CloutierCheck Out In Our CatalogueJust as climate change threatens the arctic ice, so too does it threaten the way of life for those that rely on the North. Sheila Watt-Cloutier has dedicated her life to protecting a way of life in the North. Cloutier argues that if the Arctic is allowed to melt, the wisdom and history of the Inuit will also disappear. This is her story of the fight to protect the values and traditions of the Arctic and the importance of that fight for the rest of the world.

 Join the conversation! The St. Catharines Public Library is now hosting our online nonfiction book club through Goodreads! This book club facilitates discussion about popular memoirs, biographies, narrative nonfiction, true stories and non-fiction bestsellers. One new title will be featured each month, but past discussions are also accessible. Check it out here!
Interested? Sign up online today and contribute your thoughts and opinions to the discussion! The book club does not take place in real time, so you can participate whenever it is convenient for you.How do I sign up?

  1. Create a Goodreads account
    • Visit and create an account. Fill in your name, an email address and a password under the Create a Free Account in the upper right-hand corner.
    • The next page gives you the option to connect your Goodreads account to social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Follow the instructions if you wish to do so. If not, click skip this step and proceed to the next page.
    • The next page allows you to select your favorite genres. Click Continue. Goodreads uses this information to "make better book recommendations and customize your browsing experience".
    • Click Continue to move to the "Rate Books that You've Read" page.
    • Book recommendations from the selected genres will be displayed. You can:
      • ignore these suggestions
      • indicate that you Want to Read some of them
      • rate the books you have already read.
      • You can complete this process at any time or even opt out of doing it altogether by click on “I’m finished rating” on the top right hand side of the page.
  2. Join our Online Book Club
    • Find Explore in the Goodreads website header. Click on the arrow next to Explore and select Groups from the drop-down list. Do a search for SCPL Online Nonfiction Book Club. Select it, and on the next page, click on Join Group.
    • The next screen prompts you to select group discussion e-mail settings. **Goodreads is designed to send you an email every time someone posts to the group. To avoid this, select the 3rd option, which reads “Notification Only”** Make your selection, and click on Join Group.
    • You are now a member the SCPL Online Nonfiction Book Club!

Logging In To log in to view the activity and contribute to the book club discussion, sign in to your Goodreads account with your email address and password. Find Explore in the Goodreads website header. Click on the arrow next to Explore and select Groups from the drop-down list. Under My Groups, select SCPL Online Nonfiction Book Club.Download the App!

  1. Goodreads also has an app available to iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and Android users. Simply download the app from Google Play or iTunes and sign in with the same email and password that you used on the Goodreads website.
  2. Once on the app, select the menu from the bottom right corner and select Groups in order to find the listing for the SCPL Online Nonfiction Book Club. You can read through the discussions and have your say wherever you happen to be!

If you have any questions please feel free to call the Adult Information Services department at 905-688-6103, ext. 211, visit the Central Library or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for registration assistance.

Community Book Club Collections

The St. Catharines Public Library will lend out book club sets to any community book club that has registered at the Children’s and Community Services Department at the Central Library. For a list of current titles available, please see the attached list. For more information, call 905-688-6103, ext.227.

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